High Detailed 3D model of the ACE Manufacturing CR31M200

Cab Guard. Modeling, texturing and render in Blender 2.81. 

Polygonal mesh in quads/tris only, no N-Gons.

The base file (.Blend) contains 6 objects and 1 camera, 

all the most important objects of the model are separated 

and with a Weighted Normal modifier for a correct auto smooth. 

Also all are correctly textured and the textures packaged

inside it. This model is ideal for far and close up renders. 

All is ready and configured.


Main features

  • 3D model most similar to the real object.
  • Detailed enough for Close-Up renders.
  • Clean and tidy geometry.
  • High quality mesh (Only Quads and Tris No N-Gons )
  • Subdivision Surface modifier is not required.
  • Includes color textures and normal maps.
  • The most important parts are separated.
  • Measurement units used: cm
  • This model does not include any HDRI or scenes used in preview images.

ACE CR31M200

  • Escene objects: 07

    Model Vertices: 36,064

    UV Mapped: Yes

    Materials: Yes

    Textures: Yes

  • Blender: blend

    Autodesk FBX: fbx

    Wavefront OBJ: obj

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