High Detailed 3D model of CIE Manufacturing  40 Ft Lightweight Chassis. 
Modeling and render in Blender 2.91 (Cycles).  Polygonal mesh 
in quads/tris only, no N-Gons. The base file (.Blend) contains 25 objects 
and 1 camera,  all the most important objects of the model are separated
and with a Weighted Normal modifier for a correct auto smooth. 
Also all are correctly textured and the textures packaged inside it. 
This model is ideal for far and close up renders. All is ready and configured.



  • 3D model most similar to the real object.
  • Detailed enough for Close-Up renders.
  • Clean and tidy geometry.
  • High quality mesh (Only Quads and Tris No N-Gons )
  • Subdivision Surface modifier is not required.
  • Includes color textures and normal maps.
  • The most important parts are separated.
  • Measurement units used: cm.
  • This model does not include any HDRI or scenes used in preview images.

CIE 40 Gooseneck Lightweight Chassis

  • Escene objects: 17

    Geometry: Polygonal Quads/Tris

    Vertices: 296,820

    UV Mapped: Yes

    Materials: Yes

    Textures: Yes

  • Blender: blend

    Autodesk FBX: fbx

    Wavefront OBJ: obj

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