High detailed and realistic 3D model of Jost Landing Gears for semi trailer. Includes 2 types of Travels (Cushion Foot - Sand Shoe).


  • 3D model most similar to the real object.
  • Detailed enough for Close-Up renders.
  • Clean and tidy geometry.
  • High quality mesh (Only Quads)
  • Ready for Subdivision Modifier.
  • Includes textures 4096x4096 (Color, metalness, normalmap, roughtness, ambient occlusion).
  • Measurement units used: cm

Jost AX100 Alumilight

  • Escene objects: 5

    Vertices: 31,217

    UV Mapped: Yes

    Materials: Yes

    Textures: Yes

  • Blender: blend

    Autodesk FBX: fbx

    Wavefront OBJ: obj

    Maya v.2017: mb

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